Trendy destinations in Baltimore City

Whenever you go to Maryland, never hesitate to tour Baltimore. This is a celebrated city with outstanding tourist attraction sites. It is a convenient place in American history that will be able to give you unforgettable life experience once you reach there and get 24hr car rental. With Inner harbor and vital seaport, Baltimore is the epicenter of artistic work. There is no way you can get bored when you are here. The place contains a wide range of museums and a busy Harborplace that has different pavilions, restaurants, promenade, and shops. This is the only place where you can come face to face with historic ships and sites, cultural activities among many things.

Once you arrive in Baltimore find time and visit the following top-rated attractions.

1. Maryland Science Centre

This place that has planetarium is situated in the Southwest of the Inner Harbor. It is the extraordinary scientific center where scientific displays are often shown to visitors. Here, you can get the opportunity to acquire more knowledge in physics, chemistry, space travel among others.

Several exhibits are always shown to kids where they can be paleontologists in field lab, excavation sites and in the dig pits. One of the most celebrated exhibits here is the Baltimore inspired street that usually showcases how gears work, sound experiments, flying or designing paper airlines.

2. Baltimore Industry Museum

This is a fascinating place with a wide range of manufacturing and business enterprise that usually do their activities in the city throughout the year. Workshops here are either preserved, replicated or conserved for purposes of showing diverse skills and practices. Not to mention, you will be able to see a cannery, print shop and cultural traditions that are unique to Baltimore city like painted window screens and whitewashed doorsteps.

3. National Cryptologic Museum

Here, you will come across counterspies and spies plus techniques of encrypting strategic communications. Besides, you will get the chance to view historic artifacts such as code books, elementary cipher disks and encrypting supercomputers and typewriters. Just close to the national vigilance park we have two reconnaissance that is usually used for secret missions.

4. Basilica of the Assumption

This is the oldest Cathedral of the Roman Catholic in the United States of America. It was built at the time when Archbishop John Carroll was in charge.Here you can also find Archbishop Caroll John among other archbishops tombs. This site is a historic landmark that cannot be downplayed. It was completely restored into its original style and structure between 2004 to 2006. It is situated along the Cathedral Street in Baltimore City.

5. Mount Vernon and Washington Monument

In the Washing monument, you can view a statue of the first President of the United States of America. This building is in the neighborhood of Mount Vernon in Baltimore city. Within the monument’s ground floor there exist museum with clear displays of the monument itself and showcase on George Washington. On its neighborhood, there are former mansions of ancient industrialists. Mount Vernon Cultural District houses shops, galleries, and museums.

Once you reach Baltimore don’t hesitate to have 24hr car rental and explore Baltimore with your whole heart.